Core Values

Core Values

Interpersonal communication coordinated by language professionals

Our team of language professionals at Idea Institute is dedicated to helping people communicate in the most effective manner.

Language isn't like mathematics—there are no formulas that provide the same answers all the time. Words, loaded with cultural and semantic nuances, often convey much more than their dictionary definitions, and knowing when to use which words can be an art, with nearly as many different ways of expressing the same idea as there are speakers of the language. The act of translation, therefore, transcends the mere transcription of one language to another.

At Idea Institute, we believe that the writer's words are sacrosanct, and that it is our job to create translations that accurately convey them to the target audience.

It is our mission to take the sometimes intangible and unique ideas our clients present, and present them in a more tangible and accessible form. Whether in writing, translation, design, or DTP, Idea Institute is committed to giving our clients the best service possible, providing them with documents that faithfully translate the text in a manner that is easily understood.

The expertise of our staff at each stage in the process, together with some inspired teamwork, guarantee that our exacting standards will be met. Idea's team of translators, editors, and DTP operators comprises experts in many fields and over 50 languages. The depth and breadth of their knowledge and experience have been invaluable in making Idea Institute one of the leaders in the field. Rather than specialize in translation, layout, or the design aspects of production, Idea has integrated the entire process. Working as a coordinated team from start to finish, we are proud of our ability to provide our clients with high-quality and speedy service.


At Idea Institute, the client is our first concern.


To ensure that our translations fully meet the needs of our clients, Idea staff members work hard to build relationships of trust and cooperation with them. Detailed discussions with clients as to which process will best serve their needs are key to providing the most effective and highest quality service. Our in-house staff, contracted employees, and staff at affiliated companies all sign confidentiality agreements, guaranteeing that our clients' information is safeguarded at all times. With dedicated staff members assigned to meet their individual needs, our clients can rest assured that their information will be handled in the most professional manner at every level—whether in day-to-day operations, in the creation of project teams and team members, or in data management.


Quality and teamwork are the heart and soul of our business.



Providing our clients with the highest quality translations is not only the Idea Institute motto, it is our mission. Native speakers specializing in specific fields guarantee polished, natural, and accurate translations. Our expert staff members are involved in every step, from translation through DTP, which allows us to assure clients of stringent quality control measures in every language. Another feature that sets Idea Institute apart is the use of translation support tools, allowing our team to translate into multiple languages quickly and accurately, without losing anything in the process. Our integrated in-house production system closely links each step of the process and guarantees our clients superb product quality. This total coordination is the key to our success in meeting our clients' needs.


The Idea Institute team of highly skilled employees is pivotal in providing our clients with high-quality service. We are dedicated to helping our employees constantly refine their skills through extensive training to guarantee that a team of language experts is always involved at every stage of production. To ensure that our translators thoroughly understand our clients' needs and are able to provide them with the quality they are looking for, we encourage constant, in-depth dialogue between our coordinators, translators, and editors.

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