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Privacy Policy

This website strives to exercise the utmost care in protecting personal information that affects the privacy of clients. This website may, in certain situations, collect personal information from clients at their own discretion. However, this information is the requisite minimum amount, and the decisions of clients are respected with regard to provision of other information.


• Collection of Personal Information
There are cases where this website may collect the requisite minimum amount of personal information. In these cases, the purpose of that information collection shall be given in advance.


• Protection of Personal Information
This website appropriately manages personal information provided by clients and takes reasonable measures to ensure that clients’ personal information is not lost or leaked.


• Provision/Release of Personal Information
Personal information provided by clients on this website will never be provided or released to third parties without the client’s prior consent, except when required by law, etc.


• First-Person Inquiries
When a query or revision of personal information is requested, the website will respond appropriately upon receiving confirmation from the client.


• Consent of the Client
Clients’ use of this website assumes their consent to the website’s approach to handling of personal information. In addition, clients are to use this website on their own responsibility. This content may be revised without notice in the future.

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