Corporate Philosophy

We will play a role in the information society by expressing the alignment of different languages in an accurate manner.
In the pursuit of profit, the company will seek to stabilize and improve employees’ standard of living and contribute to the advancement of society.

Ideas, the Ideal Forms of Everything

Our company takes its name from the word “idea,” which expresses the essences of all existing phenomena as taught by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato—in other words, the ideal forms of everything.

As society becomes more radically information oriented, new communicative arts are being pursued. We will seek to be an ideal company that truly contributes to society through all of the world’s languages.

Our Symbol


The Rosetta Stone is a stele fragment that was accidentally discovered in the town of Rosetta (Rashid) in the Nile Delta in 1799, during the Napoleonic invasion of Egypt. Its black surface is carved with an inscription dated 196 B.C., proclaiming the exploits and coronation of King Ptolemy V in three scripts: ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic, and Greek. The creation of this multilingual inscription was apparently a result of the fact that Greek and Egyptian culture coexisted in Egypt at the time.

Perhaps, the desire to convey the intended message in the intended form is etched into these ancient hieroglyphs as well. With the Rosetta Stone as our corporate symbol, we at Idea Institute always endeavor to clearly convey our customers’ intended meanings.