Support for a wide range of documents and languages to meet surging demand for medical translation


We offer a wide range of translation services in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where speed and high quality are of the essence, and especially in the area of medical devices, where we have many years of experience and results.

In addition to applying a broad range of expertise, we will implement a writing style appropriate for the intended use, whether that is a user manual for a device or a user guide for provided software in the medical device field, a document for broad public use such as a medical questionnaire for a hospital, a document for learners such as teaching materials for medical interpreting, or medical marketing materials that need to be concise and appealing.

Translation Workflow and Quality Control System

  1. Selection of an expert translator
  2. Depending on the specific field, the translation may be assigned to a technical expert with experience working at a pharmaceutical company, the holder of a medical qualification, a current/former medical professional, or a translator with over ten years of experience in the medical field.

  3. Checking by staff with practical experience in medical/pharmaceutical translation
  4. Checking or proofreading by the holder of a medical qualification or a medical professional, if necessary
  5. Checking by a native speaker
  6. A native speaker checks if the translation is accurate and appropriate in the target language.

Past Experience


Medical device catalogues/manuals: Fundus camera, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, image analysis software

Research papers: Papers for submission to journals, materials for academic conferences (on cancer, brain science, the nervous system, etc.)

Other: Marketing research/presentation materials, product safety data sheets, medical articles (articles for academic and ordinary journals), medical questionnaires for foreign residents of Japan (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and seven other mainly Asian languages), materials for medical interpreting courses (English, Simplified Chinese, and Russian)

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