Proofreading and editing of client-written documents


Sometimes it takes more than just a faithful translation to make documents like corporate brochures and product catalogues sound engaging in the target language. In this case, a natural-sounding flow and expressions may be more important than adherence to the source text. Our editing services can further enhance the appeal of your company or products.

At Idea Institute, we can have documents in any language proofread by native-speaking staff and checked for grammatical accuracy as well as whether the style is suitable for the intended context. We can also edit documents according to your desired style or a standard style guide such as the Chicago Manual of Style.

After a thorough consultation regarding your specific needs, we will help you brush up your academic papers, presentation materials, or product manuals.

Although we most often receive requests for this service in Japanese or English, we are also happy to accommodate other languages.

Past Achievements

Proofreading of research papers (English), corporate brochures, advertising materials, catalogues