Highly accurate translations through collaboration between financial experts and native-speaking staff


Financial and especially IR-related translation is relevant to every line of business and becoming increasingly important due to globalization. We meet clients’ needs by working with experienced translators familiar with each segment.

Accuracy and readability are essential in financial translation, and we pursue both while also accommodating tight deadlines and large volumes of translation. You can rest assured that translations of financial information are handled by expert staff.

We also offer a wide range of translations in the economic field including reports on economic conditions in areas targeted for business expansion, research papers, marketing materials, and reports on specific industries in Japan.

Although we receive the most requests for translations between English and Japanese, we can also provide financial and economic translations in other languages leveraging our expertise in multilingual translation, one of our strengths as a company. Please feel free to contact us with any request.

Financial/Economic Translation Workflow


The translation will be assigned to a translator who is a native speaker of the target language and has expertise in the respective field of financial/IR translation. Our skilled editorial staff will check the translation against the source text to verify linguistic aspects as well as terminology. For particularly challenging translations, an experienced checker will also perform a specialized check utilizing their knowledge of finance and IR. In addition, a check of just the numerical values will be performed. If the target language is English, the translation will also be proofread by a native speaker to ensure polished output.

Main Clients


Asset management companies, think tanks, securities firms, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, rating agencies, real estate firms, law offices, accounting firms, public agencies, universities and other educational institutions, various manufacturers

Past Experience


Asset management reports; security analyst reports; prospectuses; M&A-related documents; fund-related documents; documents related to securities, foreign exchange, and real estate investment; economic/financial theory; economic/financial policies; rating information; financial statements; presentation materials for financial results briefings; notices of shareholders’ meetings; securities reports; accounting/financial documents; audit reports; IFRS compliance; insurance-related documents

Translation and renewal of the Chinese-language website of the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI); reports and research papers on economic conditions in various countries/regions by public agencies and companies; marketing surveys of areas targeted for business expansion

Please feel free to contact us regarding other areas as well.

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