Video Translation


Video is a powerful communicative tool, and to help you make the most of it, we offer professionally translated subtitles, voiceover scripts, and dubbing scripts.

Voiceovers need to be translated in an even more natural tone than ordinary translations, while subtitle translations need to clearly convey the necessary information in the minimum amount of space due to character limits. With a wealth of experience in video translation, we can handle these challenges and more.

We’re happy to assist you with localization of corporate promotional videos or messages from management for overseas branches and a wide range of other needs.

Video-Game Translation

When translating video game scripts and dialogue, accuracy is key, but faithfully conveying the world presented by the work and the personalities of the characters to players is also of the utmost importance. At Idea Institute, our expert translators devise natural-sounding translations while playing the actual game as needed.

In addition to translating between Japanese and English, we can also simultaneously translate into other languages and even maintain the consistency of terms and expressions using computer-assisted translation tools. You can turn to us for any genre of video game, from action games to simulation games.


Past Achievements


Corporate promotion, product advertisements, videos for trade shows, subtitling for the Japan Media Arts Festival, translation of video descriptions for a streaming service, video game scripts, dialogue, and user guides

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