Since we handle critical information on behalf of clients, some company names and specific details have been omitted to maintain confidentiality. We appreciate your understanding.

*In no particular order


Aomori Prefecture

TranslationWritingContent Creation

Tourism information website

Amazing AOMORI

This is a multilingual tourism information website operated by Aomori Prefecture (in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean).
Our task was to create content from a non-Japanese perspective, focusing on leading tourist attractions in Aomori Prefecture and taking into account the various hobbies and tastes of foreign tourists as well as social needs, in order to boost demand for travel to Aomori Prefecture.

Idea Institute assisted with information gathering and photography on location, content creation from the perspective of non-Japanese writers, updating of the website, and more.

Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), and Korean


Bunkyo City


Multilingual picture book

Shiso Kanakuri

A trilingual picture book (in Japanese, English, and German) published by Bunkyo City
Known as the “father of the marathon” in Japan, Shiso Kanakuri from Bunkyo City was the first Japanese athlete to participate in the modern Olympic Games. This book depicts his life from his birth in Kumamoto Prefecture to his death at the age of 92.

Idea Institute assisted with the illustration, translation (English), and design of the book.

Languages: Japanese, English, and German


Independent administrative corporation


Published book (English translation of book)

SDGs and Japan: Human Security Indicators for Leaving No One Behind
(Supervised by Yukio Takasu; Translated by JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development)

Since developed countries including Japan are also expected to work toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under the principle of “Leave No One Behind,” there is a need to verify whether it can safely be said that the lives, lifestyles, and dignity of all people in Japan are respected. This book compiles “human security indicators” to visualize domestic challenges for Japan on a prefectural basis. By visualizing, on a prefectural basis, the people left behind or in danger of being left behind in Japanese society due to poverty or social exclusion, it analyses and discusses for whom, where, and on what efforts should be focused according to area.

*English translation and DTP by Idea Institute

Language: English


Public interest incorporated foundation


Official award yearbook GOOD DESIGN AWARD

Idea Institute has been in charge of the English translation of the official award yearbook GOOD DESIGN AWARD, which presents each year’s award winners, for many years. We support this yearbook of world-class Japanese designs through translation.

Language: English


Major publisher


Solo Phrasebook Series

An example of translation and production in collaboration with the client. Idea Institute does not stop at just translating clients’ manuscripts. In the case of travel phrasebooks, for example, certain sample phrases may be inappropriate for a particular country/region, while others may need to be newly added. Here, local translators and staff familiar with the situation in each country provided advice and suggestions regarding the content in order to support the creation of the best phrasebooks for users.

Languages: English, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Filipino, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Hindi, Greek, Malay, and Khmer


Major publisher


Magazine supplement

MORISAWA PASSPORT Rulebook for English, Chinese, and Korean Typesetting

This handbook introduces basic rules and MORISAWA PASSPORT fonts for multilingual typesetting. Idea Institute assisted with the editorial supervision of the Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) and Korean sections based on our expertise in multilingual translation and typesetting cultivated over the course of many years.

In addition to typesetting rules, the publication compactly compiles necessary information from the structure of characters to distinctive examples.

Languages: Chinese and Korean

General incorporated foundation



This quarterly introduces a wide range of activities, including reports from energy-related symposiums in Japan and around the world, training sessions in Japan with participants from oil-producing countries, the implementation status of technical cooperation projects, and reports on research by experts.

*Idea Institute has been in charge of the English translation for over twenty years.

Languages: Japanese and English

R&D division of major transportation equipment manufacturer


Technical Review

The translation of this publication involves translators with technical expertise, as well as Idea Institute’s technical glossary accumulated through many years of experience.

*Idea Institute has been in charge of all English translations for over twenty years.

Language: English

Major publisher


Published book

Insular Insight: Where Art and Architecture Conspire with Nature. Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima

Dutch photographer Iwan Baan captures scenes of daily life on the islands of Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, paradises for contemporary art. His images beautifully depict the art, architecture, nature, and people of the islands, giving viewers a new perspective on the Seto Inland Sea. In addition to photographs, rich text provides detailed explanations of the cultural appeal of the Setouchi region as well as architecture by SANAA, Tadao Ando, and Hiroshi Sambuichi.

*Some English translations by Idea Institute

Language: English

Independent administrative corporation

TranslationWebsite Building

Chinese-language content

This content on financial, economic, and industrial topics as well as papers by researchers showcases the quality of Idea Institute’s Chinese translations.

For two years from June 2009 to May 2011, Idea Institute handled not only translation but also website building.

Language: Chinese

Japanese government agency


Project to improve intake environment for foreign patients at Japanese medical institutions

Translation of curriculum/textbook for development of medical interpreters and multilingual explanatory materials for foreign patients
Idea Institute was responsible for translating the following items into four languages.

List of Medical Topics
Curriculum for Development of Medical Interpreters: Summary of Relevant Data
List of Multilingual Explanatory Materials for Foreign Patients

Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish

Japanese national university


Foreign-language medical courses

Open international medical interpreting courses commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Idea Institute was responsible for all 16 courses, from textbook translation to DTP.

To qualify for these international medical interpreting courses, applicants needed to possess a TOEIC score of 900 or higher, along with equivalent linguistic ability in Russian and Chinese. Thus, translating the course materials provided to participants meeting these requirements required an even higher level of linguistic skill and extensive medical knowledge.

Idea Institute was able to become involved in efforts by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry toward the “internationalization of medicine” thanks to our long track record as professionals in translation.

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), and Russian