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With our technical writers who have passed the technical communication certification of the Japan Technical Communicators Association (JTCA), we support manual creation to meet the needs of clients.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Do you struggle with product manual writing, leaving you unable to focus on product development?

“It would be nice if we had a dedicated document division, but the reality is that we have to do it all ourselves. Even while we’re giving up our weekends for bug fixing prior to the production trial, manual deadlines are set three weeks before mass production.”

When creating manuals, do you have any writing rules in place?

“Even if we had detailed rules, it would be difficult to write while checking them, so we actually just have minimal arrangements for the cover design, regulatory statements, and so on. Fortunately, because the format for design specifications is set, the content never varies too much, but the work mainly turns into copying specifications. I have my doubts about whether this is good enough.”

  • We reorganize manuals to be better structured, starting with analysis and evaluation of existing manuals.
  • In many cases, the number of pages can be reduced significantly through proper structuring, which eliminates redundant descriptions.
  • We design manuals from scratch after examining documents including proposals as well as design, operating, and GUI design specifications.
  • We will propose an accurate, unified writing style that can cover a wide range of product categories.
  • We offer manuals that make translation more efficient through language geared toward multilingualization.
  • We propose easily searchable manuals that make the desired information quickly accessible.
  • We support the creation of manuals emphasizing compliance and taking into account domestic and overseas safety standards.
  • We propose manuals that facilitate readers’ understanding by creating user-friendly contexts implementing graphical representations tailored to diverse readers.

Past Experience


Product manuals

Digital cameras (compact/single lens), camcorders, TVs, DVD/BD recorders, amps, portable audio, mobile phones, car navigation systems, printers, domestic appliances, exercise machines, transport equipment, industrial equipment, commercial printers, etc.

Online help guides

Image/video editing software, music editing software, printer driver, electronic whiteboard software, network management software, etc.