Machine translation has evolved greatly since its origins, and neural machine translation (NMT) is now the prevailing approach. We always strive to implement the latest technology in machine translation, based on our accumulated expertise in multilingual localization.

We provide the optimal services to meet your translation needs, including translation engine customization, combination with existing translation memories and term bases, post-editing, and even writing of source text.



Post-editing experience in over 30 languages

The advent of neural machine translation dramatically improved the accuracy of machine translation so that it now stands up to practical use in some applications. However, machine-translated prose still has issues with too much or too little information, terminology, and processing of longer sentences. Post-editing is the process of bringing the results of machine translation closer to human translation by having them checked and refined by humans in order to resolve these issues.

As a prolific provider of multilingual translation, we already have post-editing experience in over 30 languages. Our registered post-editors have skills on par with native translators and can also offer post-editing in combination with existing translation memories and term bases.

Translation Engine Customization


Neural machine translation is capable of providing some degree of quality even with a general-purpose translation engine. However, translation engines can also be customized by training them using a corpus of past translations. We offer effective translation engine customization to make machine translation more similar to past translations.

Writing for Machine Translation


Ambiguous, confusing source text may be misinterpreted and mistranslated even by humans, so it naturally results in poorer-quality machine translations. With our expertise in writing easily translatable, non-misleading source text for multilingual translation, we can support better translations through source-text writing.

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