Global transmission of information requires accurate translation that goes the extra mile.


Press release translations performed with the speed you need

In this age of increasing globalization, companies must consider the whole world as an audience when transmitting information. Timeliness and accuracy are both crucial in press release translations. We help global corporations disseminate information by delivering accurate translations of the content you want to convey without any time lag.

Maximizing your company’s appeal to raise interest

Corporate brochures, annual reports, and CSR reports are a company’s public face. In recent years, the efforts of companies to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have also been drawing significant interest, requiring translation of corporate information to be performed with even more care. Our translators specializing in business documents will ensure that the strengths you want to emphasize are clearly conveyed. You can also rest assured knowing that translations containing financial information are handled by expert staff.

Press Release Translation Workflow


The content of press releases runs the gamut, from general business to fields requiring specialized knowledge such as financial and accounting-related topics like financial statements and M&A, or new product descriptions focusing on technical aspects. That’s why we’ll assign a translator who is well-versed in the content of that particular release. When checking the translation against the source text, we’ll also ensure the accuracy of terminology and consistency with your company’s preferred wording. Lastly, a native speaker will proofread the finished press release to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Past Clients


Press releases:

Electric power company; railway operator; broadcaster; manufacturers of semiconductors, machinery, information equipment, industrial materials and equipment, printing equipment, game machines, etc.

Corporate brochures/annual reports/CSR reports/SDG-related initiatives:

Electric power company, manufacturer of heavy electrical machinery, maritime shipping company, manufacturer of game machines, investment firm, real-estate firm, public agency, independent administrative institution

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