Consistent localization of everything from product manuals to on-screen displays and software


We offer translations of manuals for products such as home appliances, machine tools, semiconductors, and medical devices, as well as user interfaces, software manuals, design specifications, internal technical documents, ISO-related documentation, and more.

Since our translations are performed by experienced translators with a high level of expertise, you can feel safe turning to us even for technical descriptions of new features or technologies.

Quality Control System


A framework for achieving both quick turnaround and high quality

To deliver large-volume translations with quick turnaround but without sacrificing quality, we can assign multiple translators with the same area of expertise and create technical term bases and translation memories to maintain consistent quality.

Past Experience


Digital devices, audiovisual equipment (TVs, audio equipment, video cameras, digital cameras, DVD recorders, Blu-ray players, projectors, smartphones, etc.), computer peripherals, software, machine tools, robotics, broadcasting equipment, printers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automobiles, optical equipment, medical devices, and more

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