Close communication with translators is the key to enhancing quality.


We only hire native translators selected through a rigorous screening process. Screening includes evaluation of the translator’s experience, language skills, expertise, and flexibility.

Each translator is unique, but what we value most is communication and trust. Our pool of registered translators totals over 1,000 (as of January 2024), and we are able to assign the optimal one for each project by closely communicating with translators and understanding their characteristics. Furthermore, we always provide feedback after actually requesting a translation to improve translators’ skills and motivation and by extension our relationship of trust, thereby leading to higher-quality translations.

In addition, we actively gather information on languages and fields in which demand for translation is expected to grow in the future and are always looking to hire translators who can meet the latest needs.

We can even accommodate urgent translations in rare languages (Bengali, Maltese, Kazakh, Burmese, Icelandic, Hebrew, etc.). Please feel free to contact us with your request.