Continuing to be a company that supports the advancement of society through translation


At Idea Institute, linguistic professionals work to improve content and quality in various languages on a daily basis. We currently offer services in over 80 languages.

Since our establishment in 1973, we’ve met requests for not only translation but also manuscript writing, DTP and editing, printing, interpreting, and more while always keeping customer satisfaction our top priority. As a result, we’re capable of providing consistent services as a company.

Although demands change according to trends and advances in new technology, our mission remains to respond to new changes and be the first to provide what customers need. Going forward, we will continue to tackle challenges head-on and exert our best efforts in order to remain a reliable company for which customers have high expectations.

As “linguistic professionals,” we aim to explore “ideas” and achieve our ideal form as a company in partnership with our customers. At the same time, we hope to play a role in the information society by expressing the alignment of different languages in an accurate manner and thereby contributing to the advancement of society.

We appreciate your continued guidance going forward.

Momoko Fukuzawa,
Representative Director & President