Dispatching experienced professional interpreters to meet the needs of the situation


In addition to our translation services, we also offer interpreting. We can even send our own coordinator to accompany the interpreter and handle the situation on site at your request.

*The copyright to audio of simultaneous interpreting is held by the interpreter. Unauthorized secondary use (internet distribution, public broadcasting, sale of tape recordings, etc.) is prohibited.

Experienced interpreters active in various settings


Interpreting experience (simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting)

International conferences, business negotiations, new product launch events (presentations), management meetings, sales meetings, division head meetings, technical seminars, customer visits

Types of Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter interprets almost simultaneously while listening to the speaker.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker pauses every few dozen seconds to every few minutes, and the interpreter begins interpreting once the speaker has paused.

Whispered interpreting

The same format is used as in simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter speaks at close proximity to the listeners and at a very low volume.

Available Languages










Chinese (Mandarin)

Please feel free to contact us regarding interpreting in other languages as well.

Interpreting Equipment


We can rent out and operate simultaneous interpreting equipment or simplified simultaneous interpreting equipment.

Basic Configuration

Simultaneous Interpreting System

Basic system (bilingual): transmitter (1), interpreter’s booth (1), receivers (corresponding to number of participants), recording equipment (2 sets, including cassette tapes)
Microphones (5), mixing amplifier (1), audio peripherals (1 set)
Technicians (chief: 1; assistant: 1), setup/removal fee, shipping fee

Simplified Simultaneous Interpreting System

Transmitter (1), receivers (corresponding to number of participants), setup/removal fee, shipping fee, accompanying supplies, etc.

*We can also operate an infrared system. Please contact us for details.

Past Experience


Dispatching of conference interpreters to public agencies and various manufacturers

Interpreting-Related Services

In addition to interpreting, we can provide support for international conferences including arrangement of video equipment, creation of panels, and translation and preparation of conference materials. Please feel free to contact us for more details.