Dispatching of work-ready linguistic specialists


In addition to dispatching interpreters, we can dispatch personnel to companies to perform or aid tasks such as foreign-language administrative work, translation, and checking. We may also be able to accommodate other requests.
Type of work: Creation of foreign-language documents and translation
Legal category and name of work: Item 5 of Article 4 of the Worker Dispatching Act (Japanese only) operation of office equipment as well as interpreting, translation, and stenographic work


Ability to secure optimal personnel when and as needed
Reduction of fixed costs, since dispatched personnel is managed by Idea Institute
Ability to secure work-ready linguistic specialists


  1. Request
  2. Please indicate any preexisting requirements for the desired personnel such as the kind of work, duration, etc.

  3. Meeting/Proposal
  4. We will hold a detailed consultation regarding the background to the request, kind of work, working hours, working conditions/environment, etc. to confirm the necessary staffing requirements. An expert coordinator will propose personnel to meet your request.

  5. Selection/Referral of Personnel
  6. We will select and refer the optimal personnel according to your request.

  7. Start of Work
  8. A contract (temporary staffing, temporary staffing leading to employment, or employment) will be drawn up, and personnel will start work based on the contract.

  9. Regular Follow-up
  10. The coordinator will conduct regular follow-up with personnel including consultations to support stable work.

Past Experience


R&D division of manufacturer (IT field):
Document translation

Documentation division of manufacturer:
Translation and technical writing

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:
English proofreading of statistical documents

Japan Tourism Agency:
English proofreading and Japanese-to-English translation