Supporting the legal aspects of your work in an increasingly globalized world


Globalization is progressing at a rapid pace in every field of business. We will support the legal aspects of your work in this increasingly globalized world.

Please turn to us for translation of laws and reports relevant to overseas expansion and business tie-ups, as well as visa-related documents necessary for personnel exchanges. In the harsh world of international business, legal disputes practically come with the territory, which can require massive amounts of translation. You may also need translations of agreements compiling confirmations and understandings, articles of incorporation, registration documents, and various other legal documents.

In these cases, and in plenty more, we’re happy to offer you our accurate, speedy legal translation services.

Legal Translation Workflow


First, we will select a translator who is a native speaker of the target language and has expertise in the legal field that you request. When checking the translation against the text in the source language, we will verify terminology. If the target language is English, the translation will also be proofread by a native speaker to ensure polished output.

Please feel free to contact us regarding proofreading by a native speaker in other languages as well. Any requests regarding translations will be delivered as feedback to the translator and proofreader for reflection in future translations.

Main Clients


Public agencies, Japanese and international law offices, real estate firms, universities, ordinary corporations including various manufacturers

Past Experience


Various agreements (purchase and sale, consignment, licensing, employment, contracts, joint ventures, M&A, confidentiality, etc.), registration certificates, family registers (extracted or in full), articles of incorporation, work regulations, company rules, compliance, risk management, internal control documents, court filings

Please feel free to contact us regarding other areas as well.

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